Limited to ghosts in purgatoryUnderworld Staffs are morphing bo-type staffs used by several characters in the series. Although variants occur, the staff's bodies are typically brown and ochre with a black five-pointed star on the tip. The length of the staff corresponds with its owner's height. The specific name for the item is never mentioned in-canon.


The staffs appear to be constructed out a wood and stone substance. With the owner's respective powers, they can be transformed into different weapons and also be used to direct offensive attacks (a technique used frequently by Kleinod). It is interesting to note that some ghost's staffs are never seen and it is implied that a select few have no staff at all (Sterbenfrau and Donner, for example). They can be summoned out of thin air or, in the case of Weltraum and Kleinod, retrieved from their glove doors.

Below is a list of explicit staff users and the type of weapons they are transformed into:

Ghost: Weapon:
Weltraum Bow and Arrow
Kleinod Spear *
Foppen Sword **
Morgen Mallet

*This ability is lost from episode 5 onward, and does not return until the final episode.

**In conjunction with his phytokinesis.