The Uncaged Underworld: 4koma Anthology is a collection of vertical four-panel comic strips by Elle Baston. It features all of the main characters of The Caged Underworld circa 2016 and includes interactions between them that would be impossible in-canon. The series is intended to be a primer for the animated series to introduce fans to the universe and characters.

Work on the book began in March 2016 and an October 2017 release is anticipated. All pages will be full-color.

Chapter NamesEdit

There are ten chapters in total, each spanning twenty pages. Many if all of the chapter titles are not final and may be changed in the final product.

1: Coffee with KleiTraum (a brief primer to the series)
2: Character Files
3: Three Blind Dates
4: The Caged Beach Episode
5: The Ballad of Purgatory's Isle
6: Book of the Month Club
7: Count Foppen
8: Oktoberfest
9: Gift Shopping
10: Christmas Play