Space Drops! Amisa and Flin
Original RunDecember 10, 2016 (pilot episode, part 1)
March 20, 2017 (pilot episode); on hiatus
RatingAll Ages
Space Drops! Amisa and Flin, also known as Space Drops, is a fanime series originally created for 2016's Weekly Fanime Challenge. A trailer known as episode 0 was released on December 3, 2016, with two halves of the first episode being released in subsequent weeks.

Due to health problems sustained by the creator and scheduling conflicts, the series has been put on a two-year hiatus with an anticipated 2019 re-release.


Amisa Ansh'att is an impetuous young alien belonging to a family with a long-running pirate lineage. Sent out on a long journey to test her skills, she is looking forward to returning to her family briefly on their home planet Swiltu, after long years of pillaging and plundering. However, the trip back may not be as easy and clear-cut as she thought...

Main CharactersEdit

  • Amisa
A hyperactive young space pirate with an incurable sweet tooth. She loves travelling and the amount of freedom it provides her with, but she sometimes gets homesick. While a capable space pirate, she has bouts of immaturity and frequently loses her temper due to her childlike personality.
  • Flin
A self-consciously extravagant "buddy bot" under Amisa's possession, who is often played as a straight main foil to her antics. Flin communicates primarily through electronic beeps, a language that in apparently understood by all of the characters except B'aaja. Flin's constant tendency to fall in love is a running gag throughout the series.
  • B'aaja
An anxious and high-strung space cowboy who becomes Amisa and Flin's companion at the beginning of the series. He lives with his mother, who frequently annoys him and undermines his desire to be independent. Unlike the other characters, he is not from Swiltu's solar system, and it is implied that his home planet is in a communist regime.
  • Sweelie
A princess hailing from Swiltu's colonized moon. She is engaged in a constant long-standing rivalry with fellow space pirate Amisa, with the two frequently stealing their plundered goods as well as their personal property. Despite their apparent feuding, the two girls are not on unfriendly terms.