Rear-footed Ghosts are a subspecies of ghost and are the fourth-highest ranking ghost in the Purgatory Caste System. They are the ghosts of deceased humans who died violent or premature deaths or were not given proper funerals, had important promises and duties that were made but could not be kept due to their deaths and who have obsessive interests in meeting false goals, especially if they are willingly wrong.


Rear-footed ghosts are the ghosts of those who died from violent or premature deaths, or had serious unfinished business in their lives, were not given proper funerals, and who obsessively tried to meet false or impossible goals in their lives, to the detriement of themselves and potentially others. As their name implies, these ghosts have their feet facing backwards, and unlike other ghosts in purgatory, they float by default rather than walking on the ground. Rather than ectoplasm, rear-footed ghosts in purgatory are given energy boosts from milk, and all ghosts of this type can generate a continuous supply of milk for their consumption without experiencing the negative side effects and withdrawl symptoms of the illegal ectoplasm. Energy boosts are not limited to the milk created by them, and rear-footed ghosts can find satisfaction in all types of milk, and are especially fond of it. Humans who become this type of ghost speak in a nasally voice, but possess no other unusual physical attributes besides the previously stated. Their eye and Will o' Wisp color is white.

Relevant Rear-footed Ghosts


  • A regional name for this type of ghost is bhoot or bhut (Indian) [1]