Pedigree Ghosts are a species of ghost and the highest-ranking ghost species in the Purgatory Caste System. Unlike other ghosts, they are not classified as any subspecies; rather, they are referred to as "default" ghosts with no outstanding vices to speak of that would cause them to be reborn in any other subspecies after they die a human death. They are among the most common ghosts in purgatory.


Pedigree ghosts, despite their esteemed ranking and title, are nothing more than ordinary or "default" ghosts who experienced no debilitating vices in life other than typical wordly problems as humans. They are sometimes created from humans with high virtues who, despite whatever carnality they may possess, try to overcome their shortcomings to the best of their ability. Pedigree ghosts by comparison retain their overall human appearance more closely than other subspecies and they have no unusual physical differences, other than their change in hair, eye and skin color.

Ghosts of these type tend to possess stronger and more potent abilities than other subspecies of ghosts (such as one extraordinarily powerful ability, or several more abilities than other ghosts), making them potent fighters and competent adversaries for anobaiths. A trade-off to these odds is that these powers can come at a physical cost to their owners, causing injury and even death if used irresponsibly or too often without regulated pauses. In addition, their powers can be unweildy and dangerous to hone without proper training, and consuming souls during reaping missions to improve the quality of their own soul is one out of several ideal steps to taming unmanegable abilities. Their eye and Will o' Wisp color is light blue.

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