Loose-headed Ghosts are a subspecies of ghost and are the second-highest ranking ghost species in the Purgatory Caste System. They are ghosts of deceased humans possessing mental deficiencies and disorders of any sort and are closely related to long-necked ghosts.


Loose-headed ghosts are ghosts of those with mental disorders or anything similar, the ones noted in-canon being extreme narcissism (Foppen) and extreme paranoia (Schnee). As their name would suggest, their heads are not properly attatched to their bodies, and can be completely detatched at will. Loose-headed ghosts have much in common with mythological vampires, although their dependency on human blood varies from the individual ghost, and all ghosts of this type have fangs and pointed ears. By default, they have more of an interest in living humans than other ghosts, and will usually interact with or attack them, either in a playful or malicious way. Ghosts of these type are more at risk to becoming disembodied ghosts, which are ghosts that leave their human body and act out their will while still alive. Their eye and Will o' Wisp color is yellow.

Relevant Loose-headed Ghosts


  • Regional names for this type of ghost include nukekubi (Japanese) and hitoban (Chinese) [1]