Long-necked ghosts are a subspecies of ghost and are the third-highest ranking ghost in the Purgatory Caste System. They are the ghosts deceased humans who habor extreme prejudices, judgmentalism and/or fastidiousness toward others and are closely related to loose-headed ghosts.


Long-necked ghosts are ghosts of those who exhibited prejudice and judgmentalism toward others in their life, even and especially to the point of bigotry, and are reborn as this type of ghost after death per karma. Their pickiness is not limited to their human lives, and they tend to hold lower-ranking ghosts on the Purgatory Caste System, especially hungry ghosts, at arm's length or make light of them in a disparaging manner. Ghosts of this type can extend their necks to seemingly endless lengths, although in some cases, this is done unwillingly or unintentionally, and the ghost may have to take precautions to not injure his or herself, break nearby objects, or accidentally tie his or her neck into a knot. Typically, they are very muscular and they also have poor eyesight with some even lacking eyes, though if they have any, they and their Will o' Wisp color is brown.

Relevant Long-necked Ghosts


  • A regional name for this type of ghost is rokurokubi (Japanese) [1]