"Small, fluffy and rotund. Beady eyes and a nondescript expression. It's purpose is unknown and likely sinister."
Saito's description of one penguin.

Kotori's penguins are seen throughout her limbus realm, and exist in her dream state as her favorite bird and animal in general. They appear only in the first season.


They resemble round and somewhat large penguin chicks, though females look more like doves due to the color of their plumage. They have small blue eyes and tiny beaks, yellow feet and miniature wings rather than flippers. Male penguins have grey bodies and white bellies, while females are all white and have eyelashes and blush marks on their cheeks.


The penguins are docile and pavid creatures, and while social and accepting of everyone in Risokyo, they prefer the company of Kotori. They are silent and enjoy eating taiyaki pastries, which Kotori provides for them when she goes fishing. When travelling long distances, they curl up into balls and roll to their destinations, often in groups.