French Burgette is an in-universe American fast food chain. It appears only in the main series.


The restaraunt's claim to fame is its boasting of a hollowed-out loaf of baguette bread stuffed with hamburger ingredients, hence it's title. Apart from a base filling of ground beef, cheese, ketchup and mustard, mayonnaise and sunny-side up fried eggs, other ingredients can be added per the customer's request. While the sandwiches are typically served as whole loafs, smaller portions can be ordered. Apart from individual shops, restaraunts are also located in various malls.

French Burgette is frequently visited by Kleinod and Weltraum during breaks and in-between soul-reaping missions and is established as one of Kleinod's favorite places to eat. While Weltraum does not partake in the actual sandwiches due to his vegetarian diet, he will occasionally treat himself to a milkshake, ice cream or, more commonly, outside food.



  • The French Burgette restaraunts are limited to the United States and Canada, and was initally founded in Jonesboro, Arkansas.
  • The sandwiches served there are not unlike Fool's Gold Loafs.