Cannibalistic Ghosts are a subspecies of ghost and are the second-lowest ranking ghost in the Purgatory Caste System. They are the ghosts of deceased humans who lived selfish, impious and pitiless lives and thus are condemned to eat human corpses per karma. They are close relatives of hungry ghosts.


Cannibalistic ghosts are the ghosts of those who were unrepentant greedy, ignorant and misanthropic humans who cared little for their family and peers. They are generally less sympathic and complex than their lower-ranked counterparts and typically lack redeeming qualities that would cause them to be reborn as the other after their deaths. Humans who become cannibalistic ghosts tend to direct their spite toward others as a cohesive whole, while hungry ghosts tend to fixate on one or a handful of people. In purgatory, their physical appearance may not be as distorted as hungry ghosts, although their faces become more cadaeverous, and the whites of their eyes are pitch black. As punishment for their vices, they are condemned with insatiable cravings for human flesh; although the amount of cannibalistic ghosts who find this insufferable and those who find it manageable or insignificant is the same. Their eye and Will o' Wisp color is red.

Relevant Cannibalistic Ghosts


  • A regional name for this type of ghost is jikininki (Japanese) [1]