First-time offenses will be taken gracefully, especially if you are a new member; however, multiple offenses even after reading this policy will result in you being blocked and, if behavior does not improve, banned.

  1. Please refrain from using PG-13+ language.
  2. Don't set bait for arguments. Originally this was worded as "don't constantly bring up controversial issues such as fandom wars, politics, religion, social justice causes", but that has a rather different nuance from what was originally intended. In past Wikis I've been an admin for, there have been trends where some users would abruptly introduce divisive topics (more often than not pertaining to the aforementioned categories) and setting off debates as a result, usually with an undercurrent of the original poster wanting other users to agree with their opinions and to pull the martyr card if any users didn't. This is both manipulative and incredibly rude, as well as totally unnecessary, so please don't do this.
  3. Respect other people's anything. The users of this Wiki are a diverse group of different ethnicities, beliefs, religious backgrounds, sexualities, personalities, interests and more. These may not dovetail with your background or opinions, but these people are still living, breathing humans just like you who should be treated as such.
  4. Try not to leave two-word messages or anything of the like. Especially on The Way of the Nerds threads, since those close when a certain post count is reached.