Anobaiths are personifications of a deceased person's vices and negative emotions, which appear when a human soul is unsealed during the process of reaping. 


Anobaiths are created when a human soul is unsealed from its state of stasis in the limbus realm. The anobaith then appears as a result of the soul being awakened from the limbus realm and attacks the ghost or soul-reaping team, which the anobaith recognizes as the ones responsible for interrupting their previous state of bliss, and the ghost or soul-reaping team has to destroy the anobaith with their powers in order for the desired soul to be accessed. Places where there is more than one corpse with an unreaped soul in the same area can trigger a chain reaction where all of the anobaiths in the area are manifested and attack, which can easily overpower and overwhelm an unprepared ghost or soul-reaping team. For this reason, sites such as graveyards are typically avoided by soul-reaping ghosts. Like ghosts, they cannot percieved by ordinary humans, with the exception of some in certain mental conditions, although expectionally powerful anobaiths can have some degree of impact on humans and their world while they are active. The hardiness of an anobaith is determined based on a person's manner of death, their age at the time of their death, and the severity and/or quantity of their human vices and struggles. Typically, the older a person is, the longer they have been dead or the more violent their death was, the more powerful the anobaith is.  In exceptional cases, the anobaith can return into the respective corpse's body, resulting in a near-death experience.

List of Anobaiths


  • Their name is derived from the Welsh word for "despair" or "hopelessness".
  • Sternenglanz recites his trademark spell to unseal anobaiths, வேலை (vēlai), "work on" in Tamil.